Fish guide for divers: shiny ace.

Chaenopsid blennies, Chaenopsidae

6 species of Chaenopsid blennies are posted.
Chaenopsid blennies have an elongated body and no scales. The maximum body length is about 15 cm, and it inhabits small holes in rocky reefs and coral reefs as burrows. In diving, we can see many faces coming out of the holes.


Neoclinus toshimaensis
Neoclinus toshimaensis fringehead
Neoclinus okazakii
Neoclinus okazakii fringehead
Neoclinus monogrammus
Neoclinus monogrammus fringehead
Neoclinus bryope
Neoclinus bryope fringehead
Neoclinus nudus
Neoclinus nudus fringehead


Papillose Blenny
Papillose Blenny


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