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Fishes - Perciformes - Pomacentridae - Blue green damselfish

Blue green damselfish - Chromis viridis

Taketomi Is., Japan / Oct.2015

Blue green damselfish, Latin name : Chromis viridis

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Size : 8 cm
Behavior : Form large schools. With branching corals in reef slopes.
Distribution : West Pacific: Ryukyu
Rarity : ★★☆☆☆     Popularity : ★★★★☆     Photogenicity : ★★★★

Taketomi Is., Japan / Oct.2015

Zamami Is., Japan / Oct.2013

Iriomote Is., Japan / Sep.2013

Cebu Is. Philippines / Dec.2014

Zamami Is., Japan / Oct.2013

Ishigaki Is., Japan / Jul.2011


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